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Islamic state obligations is supervise the economic activities to prevent the weak faith of the economic distortions purpose of prevention so that economic actors can avoid the usury. Because usury is forbidden by Islam and supervision in the Islamic country also aims to prevent anything that affects the freedom of trade transactions and processes so the supply and demand of goods can proceed smoothly.

supervision is one of the basic tasks of modern management that is determine that everything went smoothly according to the desired. Umar bin Khattab r.a very popular with the supervision for citizens, and firm against those who do deviations, especially government officials. Islamic hate corruption, collusion and nepotism, because it can make people suffer. Therefore very important oversight
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The United States Rare Coin and Bullion Reserve Vault Facility today announces the final release of U.S. Gov't Issued Gold Coins previosly held in The West Point Depository/U.S. Mint. For limited time, U.S. Citizens will heve the opportunity to purchase these $5 Gov't Issued Gold Coins for the Incredible "at-cost" price of only $124.00 percoin. An amazing price because these U.S. Gov't Issued Gold Coins are completely free of dealer markup. that's correct, our cost. This may be your final opportunity to buy U.S. Gov't Issued Gold Coins at-cost. The Gold market, which recently skyrocketed past $9000/oz.,is predicted by reaching up to $3,000/oz.in the future. Due to extremely high Gold demand, availability of these special at-cost Gold Coins may vary based on current vault inventory. The United States Rare Coin and Bullion Reserve will release these U.S. Gov'tIssued Gold Coins at-cost on first-come, first-serve basis.
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Analysis in an Efficient Market
Market Efficiency
1)assumes competent and informed analysis

2)distinguish aggregate from individual behavior

3)reflects information (both reliable and unreliable)
-country differences in rewards to analysis
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•Equals net cash flows + the change in the present value of future cash flows
•Measures change in shareholder value—reflecting the financial effects of all events in a comprehensive manner
•Includes both recurring and nonrecurring components—rendering it less useful for forecasting future earnings potential

•Related to Hicksian concept of income—income includes both realized (cash flow) and unrealized (holding gain or loss) components
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Interest rate characteristics will have an impact to the investing and
financing decision making since interest rate is a cost of funding and
expected outcome as well. Having the understanding of interest rate
characteristics, the most efficient cost of funding and higher expected
outcome will be resulted.
Compound interest rate is a common rate in business that has always
been modified with its compounding periods, known as effective interest
rate. In practice, the effective interest rate will be converted to the flat
interest rate so that it will be easy to do the investing and financing as
well as finding the most effective cost of funding with the highest
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This research aimed to give empirical evidence whether Indonesian Bank Notes
(Sertifikat Bank Indonesia) and exchange rate as proxies of macro variables have
influence to systematics risk of stocks traded in Jakarta Stock Exchange. Using
multivariate regression analysis with data of 43 samples company listed in year 2000
to 2002 which is brokedown into manufacturing firms and non manufacturing firms,
we concluded that Indonesian Bank Notes and exchange rate have a significant
influence to the systematics risk. We also find an interisting result that indutry
concentration has attributes to alter the relationship between the two macro variables
and systematics risk. In manufacturing firms, only exchange rate which influences the
systematics risk, in contrary, only the Indonesian Bank notes has influence to the
systematic risk for nonmanufacturing firms.
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Learning Objectives

1)Explain the purpose of analysis.
2)Identify the building blocks of analysis.
3)Describe standards for comparisons in analysis.
4)Identify the tools of analysis.
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